Created by the world-renowned design team at Happy Cog, Philadelphia Whoa Baby incorporates the very best in quality layout and user-friendliness. This premium theme can be installed as is right away, or tweaked and changed to suit the most specific aspects of your business. Benefit from clean HTML5 code and a wide range of customization options as you build your business on Philadelphia Whoa Baby. For more feature details visit:

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Do not buy this theme! Looks good on face value, really bad to zero customization and zero support from its creators. I have wasted money on this theme and now i have gone with another theme that was cheaper and has excellent customization and support.

Earth Toys
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We've received a lot of great feedback from customers on this theme. It's flexible in most every respect as well.

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I think this theme is realy great. I searched a theme for fifa 14 but at first I did not find one. I'm verry happy that shopify has a great resource of themes. So for now I will stick with this theme. <3 it

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This is a great theme. I loved the ease of use. I ended up switching to another theme however. The type of items we sold just looked better on another site. But had no complaints and recommend it to anyone. - Ricardo

Mens Bodega

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