Threadify is a beautiful theme by Mark Dunkley. It does not support drop-down menus, nor sub-categories within collections.

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I think this theme is realy great. I searched a theme for fifa 14 but at first I did not find one. I'm verry happy that shopify has a great resource of themes. So for now I will stick with this theme. <3 it


Pretty good theme. I was able to design some things in illustrator for the banners. With a little searching and patience, I was able to adjust the html code to allow more than 12 products on the home page as well as modify the size of the google webfonts I added. Like my banners? I'm glad to design some for you.

Killjoy T-Shirts

I like this theme alot but for some reason even after DL the template and replacing the imgs the main background changes back to the orig. after i leave the cart screen. At first glance everything is fine until you go to the cart and go home, it's back to brown wood, when I had changed it to black wood?? help!, other than that I love it