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Tous les thèmes de la boutique de thèmes incluent également :

  • Des sections de contenu personnalisables sur la page d'accueil
  • Une conception optimisée pour les appareils mobiles
  • Un référencement naturel
  • Des icônes de médias sociaux
  • Un menu déroulant d'assistance à la navigation
  • Des styles et palettes de couleurs intégrés
  • Des mises à jour de thème gratuites
  • Des photos d'illustration gratuites de Burst

Boutiques utilisant le thème Artisan

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YOUFREEN Oct 06, 2020

I chose this theme because I only have two products to start with. Many other themes are designed for more products. I am satisfied with the theme and would choose it again. Sometimes it takes some time to get feedback from the support, but they are very eager.

Herbal Magic May 27, 2020

Avoid this company like the plague (no pun intended). I am not getting responses to simple questions. This is contributing to a delay in relaunching our website with Artisan theme. Our excitement has turned to frustration because I simply cannot hear from anyone at this company. I understand that the pandemic has dramatically affected businesses. But ecommerce, including our business, is booming.

Réponse de Out of the Sandbox Nov 02, 2020

Hello Herbal Magic Team, Thank you for this feedback. We're sorry for the delay in responding to your requests. Our support team is working hard to get in touch with everyone who writes in as quickly as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance in the future! All the best, Out of the Sandbox

Sadie Lew May 14, 2020

The theme is super slow even using low-res images. There's a zoom effect on every image and it's not possible to turn it off (which IMO probably contributes to how slow it is). There's not a lot of customization options within the editor, and you'll have to hire a Shopify expert to change stuff because the developers won't help with even small changes (I tried twice).

Michael Steddum Mar 25, 2019

There are things about this theme that I love. I like the way the customer can sort the collection by what they are interested in.

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