Ideal for stores with large inventories, Classic is designed with the traditional ecommerce merchant in mind. The theme features a large sidebar that can be used to feature multiple levels of navigation and custom content like ads or promotions. Classic also includes a responsive design, a rearrangeable homepage and 3 modern styles to start with.

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Love the theme. But i need help. How do i have all my products on my home page? email me

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Just started my store with this theme and so far its probably the best free theme I tried. Will probably upgrade to a paid one at some point but I haven't found one that I this one stays till then.

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awesome theme, can anybody help me to setup twitter and facebook button which is by default linked to shopify social account , i want to change it to my twitter and facebook account. thank you

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Very happy with this theme. It is simple and clean, shows my products very well. I found the side navigation bar is very thoughtful especially for a web store that offers a lot of products. It allows you the access to different collections easily without having to go back. Also you can set up the navigation to your liking. I'm new to this but it made it seems easy. Thanks. Ning's-Pottery

Ning's Pottery
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Why is everything centered rather than maximizing the real estate of the screen? Can I change that?
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It's the best theme we have found so far for our type of shop. I'm missing a proper blog, footer and sidebar widgets. It's too constrained but it's the best theme so far.

Hearty - Hjärtstartare och tillbehör
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Excellent Theme...We love it and the Sidebar can hold a ton of links

Fine Art Print Posters
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Great theme to work with, was very easy to use and to figure out. Used it on my first Shopify store and have already generate d over $3k with it in a week. The theme is very mobile-friendly.

Tees and Gifts 4 Me

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