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Luv Muggs Sep 08, 2021

Theme stopped displaying images rendering my site effectively down. I reached out to the support team and Kyle not only responded but provided a work around and advice about how I could prevent it from happening again. Thanks so much.

Surround Art Gallery Jul 27, 2021

Very convenient theme for my shop needs, elegant and fully functional. I’m also very happy about the support team. I had every assistance I need. It was a pleasure to contact to Jordan from the support and have his perfect advice. Highly recommend this theme and professional service!

L'INTERVALLE Apr 06, 2021

Context is an amazing theme with an easy to use custom advanced filtering tool and predictive search. Both those tools are game changers for our website. The overall theme settings and options also elevated our store's aesthetic with a clean minimal look.

Bella Bellissima Mar 16, 2021

I have only good things to say about Fluorescent Inc. and this theme! The design is slick, intuitive and stylish. Just as importantly, the support is beyond excellent - thank you to Jordan! Super fast responses to even the smallest question and the team really care about your design journey! Thank you for turning what could have been very stressful into a pleasure. Delighted with the results!

此模板由 Fluorescent Design Inc. 提供支持


使用 Context 的商店

创建商店,安心之选 - 模板商店所作的承诺


兼容 Shopify 最新功能

我们保证, Shopify 模板商店中的模板会始终保持最新状态,并兼容 Shopify 不断改进的功能组合。


模板商店中的每一个模板均符合 Shopify 的性能标准,确保您的顾客能够享受更加顺畅的购物体验。


您可以免费试用模板,添加产品、调整品牌配色,以及定制商店设计。将模板发布到商店中时,需一次性支付 $180。


不包括演示商店,但您可以通过 Shopify Burst 获取免费的图库照片。





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