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Mal May 30, 2021

I have not been happy with the support given or rather NOT given from the developers. I have emailed them several times and have not heard back. It has been more than 4 weeks now. If I had known this I would not have purchased this theme. There are many issues and I have just been left all by myself to deal with them. PIXEL UNION: NO YOU DID NOT REPLY and it is not in spam folder

來自 Pixel Union 的回覆 May 30, 2021

Hi there! We are very sorry to hear about your experience with our support team. All of your inquiries have had responses sent out by members of our team. I just followed up again to ensure that you received the information. Are you able to check your junk or spam folder? Sounds like our messages are not making it through to you!

belysa.se May 27, 2021

Great theme that has a clean design and are easy to work with! The support are quick to answer questions or resolve issues.

The Hitching Post Tack Shop May 14, 2021

I really like the Empire theme because it is a clean, modern, design and it is simple for the customer to navigate. For us, it can be easily updated and if any issues arise, Pixel Union is quick to respond. A professional design for a modest price.

Hobby Ultra Ltd May 13, 2021

Dealt with a few themes before, but others haven't really given off a professional design to them. Empire on the other hand, manages just that. Really happy with the Sections provided with Empire and the help providing by the staff is by far some of the best I've encountered. Highly recommended.

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Shopify 佈景主題商店的佈景主題會隨時更新,結合 Shopify 不斷創新的最新功能。


佈景主題商店的所有佈景主題都符合 Shopify 效能標準,確保您的買家能享受更快速的購物體驗。


搭配自家產品、品牌色彩和專屬設定,免費試用佈景主題。將佈景主題發佈至商店後,僅需支付 $180 的單次買斷費用。


雖不包含示範商店,但您可從 Shopify Burst 取得免費圖庫相片。






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