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  • 服装与配饰, 健康与美容, 家居与园艺
  • Any catalog size
  • 代发货分销商, 快速设置

$250 USD



  • 服装与配饰, 健康与美容, 家居与园艺
  • Any catalog size
  • 代发货分销商, 快速设置

Online Store 2.0


使用可拖放的分区和版块,无需编辑代码,即可轻松为您的整个商店创建自定义页面。Fashionopolism 为您提供了精心设计的灵活版块,让您可以自由添加图片、产品、视频、报价等。

Online Store 2.0 启用模板编辑器的预览。



Online Store 2.0


使用可拖放的分区和版块,无需编辑代码,即可轻松为您的整个商店创建自定义页面。Fashionopolism 为您提供了精心设计的灵活版块,让您可以自由添加图片、产品、视频、报价等。

Online Store 2.0 启用模板编辑器的预览。



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Fuzion Pro Scooters 7 天前

I have built and run 5 different shopify stores in the last 2 years. These developers & fashionopolism theme is particular is incredible and its very versatile with its style. The support is also fantastic! Love love love!

VSJ, Women's Clothing and Fashion Accessories Apr 15, 2022

I received help from Tiffany, a Junior Developer. She was awesome! She was able to address my concern in record timing. She also provided a short video on how to complete each step of adding product reviews to my store. Thanks again, Tiffany! Each time that I've reached out for support, it has been great! Keep up the good work Underground.

Beauties Hair Mar 30, 2022

Great theme... Great and fast support

Wee Boats Mar 04, 2022

Speed of support has been fantastic. Issue after migrating to the OS2.0 compatible version was fixed within a few hours of initial contact with the support team!

此模板由 We are Underground 提供支持



版本 8.0.1 - March 25, 2022

Fashionopolism v8.0.1 Includes a bug fix


  • Fix bug font selection bug within product grid and collection grid that resulted in the wrong weight and size being shown.

版本 8.0.0 - March 24, 2022

Fashionopolism v8.0 Includes featured updates and improvments


  • Split the product form to use unique blocks allowing more control over position and order of content, variants, buttons etc..
  • Add improvements to product image and carousel styles
  • Update product prices to show sale amount or percentages
  • Update product grid CSS structure to use CSS grid
  • Update product tabs to support metafields
  • Change price filter steps to 1.00 instead of 10.00
  • Update rich text section to include color scheme and link control
  • Update image with text section to include color options
  • Add fade delay to navigation dropdowns and improve CSS styles
  • Allow contact form usage on homepage
  • Update styles for collection filter sidebar
  • Update styles and options for Image with text overlay section
  • Update styles and options for Image gallery section
  • Minor style adjustments to Cart drawer
  • Increase vertical padding for mobile menu links


  • Add available size option to product grid
  • Add background color option to main product section
  • Add support for line item properties in main product section
  • Add links with images option to navigation
  • Add linklist section
  • Add theme setting for image hover transitions
  • Add global style options for image section caption positions
  • Add floating header option for homepage
  • Add button corner size setting
  • Add Ghost button option for secondary buttons
  • Add custom blocks to contact form
  • Add contact form as unique product tab block
  • Add image block to product page blocks
  • Add promotion bar section
  • Add text with icons section
  • Add sticky functionality to product blocks
  • Add product page alternate content section
  • Add Related product page related product section for dynamic product selection


  • Add a fix for mobile swiping of product carousel images to stop vertical scrolling
  • Fix image height settings for collection images

版本 7.4.2 - February 4, 2022

Fashionopolism 7.4.2 includes a bug fix for a breaking error on the product grid stemming from changes in v7.4.1


  • We fixed an issue on collection pages which was causing the grid to overflow to a new line when a filter was applied.
  • We fixed a layout spacing and color issue with the footer lists and headings on mobile

Fashionopolism 7.4.1 includes bug fixes and theme enhancements.


  • We added support for showing more than one map section on a page.
  • We added links for best menu practices in the header and mobile navigation sections.

Fixes and improvements

  • We fixed an issue of the blog post images breaking the blog page layout.
  • We fixed an issue for the map not displaying in the map section.
  • We fixed an issue with the language selector not following the correct font size
  • We fixed an issue with the navigation dropdown arrows not respecting the link hover color
  • We fixed an issue that placed section carousel arrows incorrectly outside their content
  • We fixed an issue that caused a horizontal overflow on the homepage
  • We fixed an issue that caused inconsistent section content widths across the theme
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the quick view add to cart button from showing in the correct style
  • We fixed an issue customers saw with image with text overlay captions blocking the image on mobile by adding a caption below image option
  • We fixed an issue with the background hover color for navigation dropdowns

使用 Fashionopolism 的商店

创建商店,安心之选 - 模板商店所作的承诺


兼容 Shopify 最新功能

我们保证, Shopify 模板商店中的模板会始终保持最新状态,并兼容 Shopify 不断改进的功能组合。


模板商店中的每一个模板均符合 Shopify 的性能标准,确保您的顾客能够享受更加顺畅的购物体验。


您可以免费试用模板,添加产品、调整品牌配色,以及定制商店设计。将模板发布到商店中时,需一次性支付 $250。


不包括演示商店,但您可以通过 Shopify Burst 获取免费的图库照片。





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