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These guys provided great support to me in solving an issue with the video header. I must say that their support team was very responsive and relentless in seeking a solution to my issue. The success to my issue was a testament to the WeTheme team's great customer service. A++++++ Thanks Team!

來自 Eight 的回覆 May 21, 2021

Thank you for leaving such an amazing review - we're so pleased we could resolve your query, and your storefront's video section looks incredible! We love going the extra mile to make our merchants happy, so do let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Take care, and thanks again!

Azteca Soccer May 12, 2021

Worse support I've encounter with themes purchases in the Shopify app store. I asked for help on two simple issues and their response is they do not provide support for theme customization. Why build themes if you're not going to provide support. I don't know how Shopify allows these type of developers to sell themes.

來自 Eight 的回覆 May 21, 2021

Thanks for leaving your feedback, and we're sorry we couldn't assist with your custom request. While we provide full support for any issues within our theme, we cannot offer custom code work outside the theme's functionality - we hope you found a suitable Shopify Expert. We're really pleased we could resolve your other issue, so please do reach out if you have any further questions - take care!

Annika Reed Studio May 11, 2021

Such helpful support and super quick and friendly. Very happy with this theme

來自 Eight 的回覆 May 11, 2021

Thank you for leaving such a kind review! It was a real pleasure assisting you with your queries, and it's so great to see what a brilliant job you've done of customizing your theme. Please drop us another message if there's anything else you need, and take care!

Tattooed & Successful Mar 30, 2021

Theme is awesome along with the people who created. Any questions or problems I have were answered quickly and efficiently!

來自 Eight 的回覆 Apr 07, 2021

Hello Tattooed & Successful - A pleasure to help you out and thank you for the great review! We are on hand if you need any further support - all the best :)

這個佈景主題由 Eight 支援


使用 Flow 的商店



結合最新 Shopify 功能

Shopify 佈景主題商店的佈景主題會隨時更新,結合 Shopify 不斷創新的最新功能。


佈景主題商店的所有佈景主題都符合 Shopify 效能標準,確保您的買家能享受更快速的購物體驗。


搭配自家產品、品牌色彩和專屬設定,免費試用佈景主題。將佈景主題發佈至商店後,僅需支付 $180 的單次買斷費用。


雖不包含示範商店,但您可從 Shopify Burst 取得免費圖庫相片。






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Impulse 佈景主題的 Modern 樣式
Impulse $180 USD

Archetype Themes 提供

California 佈景主題

California 佈景主題的 California 樣式
California $180 USD

Small Victories 提供

Parallax 佈景主題

Parallax 佈景主題的 Los Angeles 樣式
預覽行動版「Los Angeles」樣式的「Flow」
Parallax $180 USD

Out of the Sandbox 提供

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