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A sharp, minimalist design that puts your products front and center

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FORTS Sep 08, 2020

Not sure how this theme has so many positive reviews. If I could get a refund somehow I would. Constant bugs since I installed. Header image links NEVER linking to the correct collection. No way to have collections sort without also having them filtered. Haver corresponded with the support team and they someone created other non published versions of the theme and fixed those versions instead

HARVEST LABEL Sep 04, 2020

Great template offering many options and customized look. Another great plus was their customer support. The team offered to help when a 3rd party app caused some issues with our website. All in all, very happy so far.

SimplySPEAKING SLT Sep 02, 2020

This theme is as mediocre as they come. Simple things are just constantly broken with no ability to fix. Header covers the content, product images automatically choose variant 1 (no work around), and areas such as featured collections say to utilize 1600x1600 and then promptly cut the images off when displayed. More work than value.

Minta & Co Aug 31, 2020

Excellent. Really worth the cash investment that's for sure. Very impressive.

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