Design e atendimento do tema por Eight

Todos os temas na loja de temas também incluem:

  • Seções de conteúdo personalizáveis na página inicial
  • Design compatível com dispositivos móveis
  • Otimização de mecanismos de pesquisa (SEO, na sigla em inglês)
  • Ícones de redes sociais
  • Suporte à navegação por menu suspenso
  • Estilos integrados e paleta de cores
  • Atualizações de temas gratuitas
  • Fotos gratuitas de banco de imagem por Burst

Lojas que usam Flow

166 avaliações

91% positiva

  • 151 avaliações positivas
  • 2 avaliações neutras
  • 13 avaliações negativas
Escrever avaliação Há aproximadamente 13 horas

Very customizable and pretty theme that help me highlight my products to everyone!

Koraloha3 Há aproximadamente 14 horas

Overall the theme looks really nice. But when you have a look closer you can tell that there are some major elements missing! I have emailed the guys but I think none of them understood my question and could help me solve the problem. E.g. dropdown menu in the product page, filter options (again advanced with multiple selection) for all products... Would not buy this theme anymore..

Finolee Há 7 dias

Lot of things are missing in this themes, which compare to others themes are providing very good functionality in $180. Not even proper slider on homepage sections, Announcement bar slider missing. responsive view issue. All we have to do is to put our manual effort. Not recommended.

The Irie Factory Há 11 dias

It has been over a year since purchasing this theme, there are so many cool features to learn. Customer service has been very responsive to our needs. Thank you !

Resposta de Eight Há 10 dias

Thanks so much for leaving a review, and happy theme-iversary! We're so pleased you found our support useful, and we can't wait to see which new Flow features you try out in the future. Feel free to drop us another message if there's anything else you need, and keep up the amazing work - your storefront looks incredible! Thanks again, and take care.

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