A masonry-style theme, perfect for contemporary brands with a story to tell

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Losari Nov 30, 2015

The theme is beautiful and support is just great. I probably asked a few too many questions but Reid Naaykens and Calvin Coles were patient, helpful and quite simply awesome. Thanks very much for all of your help guys. Much appreciated! Jonathan -

ríjuice Nov 17, 2015

Pixel Union and Grid have both been a massive success for us. Our website is up to scratch after only two days of work, and we are super happy. While the theme itself is good, I really want to give a huge shout out to the support team, they rocked!

Makamas Sep 29, 2015

The Grid theme has proven itself to be very flexible time and time again. We love the fact that it is one of the most dynamic themes we've worked with. The Pixel Union support team has also been extremely helpful whenever we've had a question about adjusting the theme or bringing our visions to life. Highly recommended theme!

Felicette Aug 03, 2015

I have been using this theme for about three months (it's actually the only one I have used) but it's been fantastic. It has been very easy to customize and I love the masonry! Very responsive on mobile devices; I will be using this theme for a long time.

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Sunrise 佈景主題

Sunrise 佈景主題的 Beach Hut 樣式
預覽行動版「Beach Hut」樣式的「Grid」
Sunrise $160 USD

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Narrative 佈景主題

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Boundless 佈景主題

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Atlantic 佈景主題

Atlantic 佈景主題的 Organic 樣式
Atlantic $180 USD

Startup 佈景主題

Startup 佈景主題的 Tech 樣式
Startup $180 USD