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Molecule-R Mar 16, 2021

Lots of different bugs across desktop and mobile adaptation not working well. When I asked the support, I had to insist to get some help (their 1st response was pay someone to code when these were obviously a theme issues) and when after 8 emails, the problem was finally fixed only to create other layout inconsistencies. After 2 weeks, we ended up buying another theme and waisted time and $180

來自 We are Underground 的回覆 Mar 17, 2021

Having had time to review the mistakes that were made in support when helping you we do have to put our hands up and wholly accept that we did make a real mess of this one. Very disappointed in our own failure to escalate this appropriately. We are to help make this right should you wish to re-visit at any time.

Lalage Beaumont Mar 15, 2021

The customer support was brilliant- thank you to Tiffany!

來自 We are Underground 的回覆 Mar 23, 2021

Great to hear that Tiffany was able to help with your store. Let us know if you need any further help!

lamademoiselle.sk Feb 26, 2021

we have a lot of problems with this theme and im trying to contact developer ! Everyone who bought this theme should be refunded because its doesnt work corecctly at all !! Shopify how is this possible? you check your themes before people buy them and lost their money???? Not working correctly, can you someone contact me and help to solve the problems with this theme which should not happened?

來自 We are Underground 的回覆 Mar 01, 2021

If you are experiencing issues with the theme or having difficulty in setting up then our support team is here to help. Please reach out to us via: Support@weareunderground.com or https://support.weareunderground.com where we will gladly assist with any problems you are having. We haven't seen any response to our emails offering to assist to date.

Fox Factor Feb 24, 2021

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME! We bought this theme to build a new homepage for our fashion store and ran into several problems with the theme. The mobile version does not work at all. Also, lots of problems with the desktop version. Support could not help and wanted to charge extra $ for custom work which was just supposed to be standard functionality. Asked for refund but refused to refund the theme.

來自 We are Underground 的回覆 Feb 26, 2021

So disappointed to read this review. Max from our support team made several edits to help with the issues that you were having and also provided additional changes to your preference along with the offer of more at no cost at all. At no point in time did anyone mention or try to charge you for anything?

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