Archetype Themes diseñó y presta servicio técnico a este tema

Todos los temas de la Tienda de temas también incluyen:

  • Secciones de contenido personalizables en la página de inicio
  • Diseño compatible con dispositivos móviles
  • Optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO)
  • Íconos de redes sociales
  • Compatible con menús desplegables
  • Estilos y paletas de color integrados
  • Actualizaciones de temas gratis
  • Fotos gratis de archivo de Burst

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Skoro Surf Co. hace 3 días

Great looking site. Happy with the layout. Had some questions at first, but they took care of them all. Great theme.

Respuesta de Archetype Themes hace 4 días

👋 — Hi Chris, you're quick! Our apologies, our licensing data from Shopify can sometimes be a bit delayed for same-day purchases. I'm seeing your license on our end now and our team will be in touch soon. Hang tight! :)

Emmy & Sebby hace 4 días

I love the look of this theme and it has definitely increased my conversions. The support team are really helpful and have gone above and beyond to help me make changes to my store. Would definitely recommend!

Madame Lemy hace 10 días

We are really happy with our theme. It's very elegant and modern at the same time. It has all the functionalities we need, and it's also really easy to customize. Support was amazing when I needed help.

LOLAVEUT hace 10 días

(Issue resolved shortly after posting. Thank you!) It's a lovely theme and the support team has been nice, however I've been having issues with my images and video loading for at LEAST a week, potentially more, and the resolve has been slow. The issue was thought to be resolved and it is not, response time from moves at a snails pace and it's frustrating.

Respuesta de Archetype Themes hace 10 días

🙌 — Glad we were able to help! Improperly made apps can cause issues like this and they can be quite tough to diagnose but I'm glad we were able to get to the bottom of it for you. Let us know if there's anything else :)

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