Todos os temas na loja de temas também incluem:

  • Seções de conteúdo personalizáveis na página inicial
  • Design compatível com dispositivos móveis
  • Otimização de mecanismos de pesquisa (SEO, na sigla em inglês)
  • Ícones de redes sociais
  • Suporte à navegação por menu suspenso
  • Estilos integrados e paleta de cores
  • Atualizações de temas gratuitas
  • Fotos gratuitas de banco de imagem por Burst

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96% positiva

  • 468 avaliações positivas
  • 8 avaliações neutras
  • 13 avaliações negativas
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John Paul Ataker May 06, 2021

It looks clean and beautiful, but there are many useful features missing, you cannot search the products with sku codes, you must write the name in full to be shown. I asked for this feature from the theme makers, but they stated that there is no such feature in the product and they cannot do it, I would definitely not buy it if I knew not to search from the sku code,

Resposta de Archetype Themes May 06, 2021

👋 Hi John, glad you're liking the look of the theme and sorry to hear about your search frustrations. Searching by SKU isn't possible through any theme on Shopify due to limitations of their search engine. One workaround is to manually add your SKU to your product descriptions so that their search engine picks it up. Let us know if there's anything else on the theme side we can help you out with!

Roarsome Apparel May 06, 2021

Epic theme with alot of power and customisation. The support team are ace as well. Highly recommend if you have a medium sized catalog and great imagery to show off.

Max Canton May 05, 2021

Ottimo supporto e tema ben fatto!

Kidbay Parties May 05, 2021

Great support from Kim, even though the issues identified were actually not related to the theme. Thank you!

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