Easily give your Kickstarter campaign a powerful ecommerce store. This new premium theme is absolutely free and is made specifically for crowdfunding graduates - it's perfect for selling 1-5 products. Kickstand is fully responsive, customizable, features a newsletter sign up form, video embeds, photo gallery, social media buttons, our powerful blogging platform, and so much more.

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Love the theme. We just loaded it up on - the mobile site in particular is great. We only have a few products, the only things missing as far as I can tell are the lack of a search function (which is fine for small ranges of products) and no "out of stock" product image overlays, which is the only issue for our website. But for now - very happy!

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Great theme that does all it needs to for a one product shop. Still, it offers great flexibility.

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Great theme/

Chilicase iPhone accessories & fashion | hot like chili pepppa
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It's a good theme, it's pretty lightweight compared to the one we started with. Since we only have 2 products it does the job well. Looks great on the iphone which was the biggest reason we went with this one.