Featuring full-screen imagery, this simple responsive theme will make your product photography stand out. Supports customer accounts, drop-downs and has a fantastic slide-out cart. Best for shops with high-resolution photography.

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I love the basic idea of this theme - it's the closest I've found to the idea I first sketched for my website 3 years ago and still want. But frustratingly it hasn't been developed beyond the core idea. It could be so good. It also has some big browser compatibility issues (try it on an ipad :-( ). Sadly Shopify seems uninterested in doing anything to fix or enhance it which is a real shame.

Butikku - Japanese designer boutique
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loving this theme. took a bit but i figured how to do the drop downs etc

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Great support team work !

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I've had it for a year now and it works pretty well. Had a few glitches in the early stages but got great support to resolve.

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So far so good. This isn't a perfect them but what a great value for our fledgling online boutique! We are pleased with how things are looking with some minor tweaks. See how we're using the theme at femmefemina.com. All the best!

Femme Femina
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We bought a pretty expensive theme for our store, but decided to change to this theme soon after. The developers did a great job with this theme, but it did have some cross-browser, responsive, and style issues. The problems were all easily fixed with some CSS changes. Better than most paid themes!!! Checkout www.pynecones.com and resize browser to see the changes we made to the theme. Happy Sales

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Its very good, but would like to see a "newsletter" feature, then it would be perfect in my book!

Luxury Ladies Lingerie
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Love it! Would have been perfect for my site, except for blog issues. Please update. I'd like to use. 11/27/2014 MiniRuin

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Simple and graceful. Elegant minimalism works great to showcase the products we sell.

Lee Daly Designs
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Great, just needs a update / little tweaking from Shopify to make it completely responsive, some things are off like the blog section and contact pages.

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So far it is the most simple yet elegant theme i have seen so far. Gonna work on it and see if i can switch my store on it.


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