An editorial-inspired design, perfect for boutique retailers

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Bon Knit Mar 03, 2021

I'll have to buy another theme. So difficult to work with. You cannot change anything or add any custom CSS. Even something as simple as changing the navigation to uppercase breaks the theme. Custom fonts, now way. I've worked with at least 20 different themes. This one is the worst.

來自 Fluorescent Design Inc. 的回覆 Mar 17, 2021

Just looking at our correspondence and we offered to take a look at any custom work you were trying to do— we can assure you that the theme does take valid custom CSS in its stylesheet. We didn't hear back, but we do hope you'd take us up on that offer!

picklift Feb 05, 2021

Great theme, with many sections and features built :) Support is amazing, Jordan helped us for the few questions we had, with an amazing knowledge of coding and great answers. He really cares about us ending the website with ease, really appreciated, making this whole experience even better ! Thank You !!

來自 Fluorescent Design Inc. 的回覆 Mar 17, 2021

Thank you John!

Sadire Jan 22, 2021

After spending months researching every theme under the sun, I decided to go with Lorenza. Not only is it the prettiest, cleanest, most functional and expensive looking theme, but the support team has been amazing. They will handle any question under the sun, and genuinely care about any problem like it is their own. 10/10 I would recommend.

來自 Fluorescent Design Inc. 的回覆 Jan 22, 2021

Daniel! We'd 10/10 recommend you as a client. Thank you!

Shenena Sethi Jan 14, 2021

Amazing theme and amazing service! I have a fashion brand and was looking for a theme that was elegant, chic, easy to navigate and clean. This was it! The layout, over all feel, features and everything the theme offers is on point. The service has also been second to none. Patrick was very quick in getting back to my questions and helped make the tweaks that I needed! Very happy customer :)

來自 Fluorescent Design Inc. 的回覆 Jan 22, 2021

Thank you for the kind words, Shenena!

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