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iamCoCoBean Apr 28, 2021

I love this theme. I had a major issue when I launched with the theme not loading in safari browsers but the support team jumped right on and resolved my issue!

08 Left Apr 26, 2021

These guys are the best for support! I've been with them for years and they always come through. Seriously. Just purchase it now.

Southern Napa Fine Wine House Mar 30, 2021

Have been using this theme for about 3 years and it over-delivers on functionality, ease of use and value. Support team is tremendous, even when a problem that arises from a 3rd party app being used on the site. I had a recent interaction with Gabe from their support team and he quickly diagnosed my problem (again with not from Out of the Sandbox) & solved our problem with in minutes.

Iside Gioielli® Mar 26, 2021

Every time I ask for help, they answer fast and precise!

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