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Buttons For the People Sep 13, 2019

I paid $180 for this theme and so far every customization I've inquired about is not available unless I pay more $ to a developer. I bought this theme because the reviews mention how "helpful" OOS was with support questions. HA!

Pacific Bay Aug 08, 2019

It is a great theme and has all the elements for a good looking shop. There is an issue with the drop down menu on mobile though. The + which is clicked to access the nested or mega menu and the background are both dark in color. It is barely visible and does not make smooth navigation. I checked with support and the only way to change this is through a custom code. Disappointing.

Zügzaag Feb 19, 2019

The theme is a nice start, but it requires customizations to really be good. I didn't realize this was a third-party hosted theme when I purchased it. Out of the Sandbox is the name of the company that hosts the theme, and they're support is far slower than Shopify-hosted theme support, and the quality of the support is also less reliable.

Combat Flip Flops Feb 03, 2019

After an update the collection page got slow. Reached out to developer, told me we shouldn't be using so many 3rd party apps (I'm running 2, BOLD Product upsell & discount).

此模板由 Out of the Sandbox 提供支持




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兼容 Shopify 最新功能

我们保证, Shopify 模板商店中的模板会始终保持最新状态,并兼容 Shopify 不断改进的功能组合。


模板商店中的每一个模板均符合 Shopify 的性能标准,确保您的顾客能够享受更加顺畅的购物体验。


您可以免费试用模板,添加产品、调整品牌配色,以及定制商店设计。将模板发布到商店中时,需一次性支付 $180。


不包括演示商店,但您可以通过 Shopify Burst 获取免费的图库照片。





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