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The Homebody Company Jun 03, 2020

So thankful to have come across this theme! I have a shop, but also want to have a robust blog that is appealing & has that "blogger" style (sidebar, ads, etc.). I have looked EVERYWHERE, tried so many things on my own and was about to give in to have a developer help me create exactly what I wanted. So glad to have found this theme & the AMAZING support!!

NEW DAY, NEW SMILE.® May 27, 2020

THANK YOU SO MUCH Tyler and the Underground Crew (haha). I've been using the Mr. Parker Theme for approx. 2-3 years and didn't have any issues for quite some time with my online t-shirt store called until recently. A couple of things needed to be fix and Tyler sent me some super easy instructions consisting of a copy and paste code job - problem solved!

Cinzia & Catia Filati May 14, 2020

Customer service so far has been pretty good, Tyler replies quite quickly and have always been helpful. I had some trouble with the blog sections and they gave me some code to fix it and now works great.

T-Nutrition May 11, 2020

Great theme, responsive developers. Thank you!

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