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Tous les thèmes de la boutique de thèmes incluent également :

  • Des sections de contenu personnalisables sur la page d'accueil
  • Une conception optimisée pour les appareils mobiles
  • Un référencement naturel
  • Des icônes de médias sociaux
  • Un menu déroulant d'assistance à la navigation
  • Des styles et palettes de couleurs intégrés
  • Des mises à jour de thème gratuites
  • Des photos d'illustration gratuites de Burst

Boutiques utilisant le thème Pipeline

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Mindful Inhabitant Feb 14, 2020

Aesthetically beautiful theme. The support I received from Mark was phenomenal. As someone who has zero coding knowledge, I had to reach out for help in tweaking the website exactly how I envision it. Mark went above and beyond my expectations, and I am extremely grateful for his help!

Royal Paw Print Jan 20, 2020

When a feature request or bug report falls within scope, the support team goes the extra mile by replying with a code snippet that are usefully documented via github gists or comparediff code differences. As a programmer, this specificity pleases me. Well done.

nfavour Jan 16, 2020

The theme is simply amazing. We've had many reviews saying "I love how easy it is to use their shop". Also we have a few shops and we have themes from different companies and none of them have such great support and customer service as groupthought. Like, it's just incomparable - we really wished all of the theme builders were just like groupthought.

Renegade Fitness Apparel Jan 13, 2020

This theme is so slick and gorgeous - but the one thing I am most impressed with is GroupThought, and their extensive help/support centre on their website. They have tons of awesome, detailed tutorials for quick customizations and tweaks that are possible for the theme, which has been so helpful in getting my website exactly the way I want it! Bravo on both of those things!! :)

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