Design e atendimento do tema por Maestrooo

Todos os temas na loja de temas também incluem:

  • Seções de conteúdo personalizáveis na página inicial
  • Design compatível com dispositivos móveis
  • Otimização de mecanismos de pesquisa (SEO, na sigla em inglês)
  • Ícones de redes sociais
  • Suporte à navegação por menu suspenso
  • Estilos integrados e paleta de cores
  • Atualizações de temas gratuitas
  • Fotos gratuitas de banco de imagem por Burst

Lojas que usam Prestige

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92% positiva

  • 379 avaliações positivas
  • 6 avaliações neutras
  • 25 avaliações negativas
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JANGEORGe Interior Design Jun 23, 2018

We have been using three themes in total so far, and this one is by far the best. Love it! Our online showroom looks so much better now. And support is fantastic. We had a couple of questions about options and possibilities, and support was very responsive and they helped us to the extent that we even wanted to pay them! Truly impressive!! Thanks guys!

Bijoux-pas-cher Jun 18, 2018

Great theme nothing like the one i used. Many options are available to customize your theme, it greatly change my conversion rate. Also the support is very nice and fast to respond.

Confetta Jun 15, 2018

Customer support was excellent. I required to make some minor changes on the image auto-resize outputs and they helped me in a very effective and polite way. The theme is very well made and is probably the best one on the shopify store if you are aiming to create a luxury shop/boutique. Highly recomended.

Stock Show Boutique Sep 25, 2018

The theme itself is nice but support is awful. Unless you want to spend a fortune (500 VAT) or hire outside help you better be happy out of the box. Disappointed they don't have support documents to modify themes, especially when IT IS a basic feature request. Most theme designers have something of this nature or will help. Not the best theme experience ever.

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