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Versie 6.0.2 May 8, 2023

$ 200 USD

Een schoon, niet-afleidend thema, gericht op conversies.

Onbeperkte gratis proefperiode. Betaal alleen als je publiceert.

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Atlas Fireplaces Online Jan 04, 2023

I really like the design. I got it and was happy. There were however a couple things that didn't work so I contacted them. Sometimes it will be a couple days or a couple weeks to fix or change but they are VERY accommodating to your requests!

Kaia & Crystals Dec 28, 2022

I am still finishing my web , In my first impression the assistance wasn´t good, but after I had a very good assistance for the staff called Daniel , he understood everything what I wanna and tried to do fastest as he can and fixed all the issues . Very good experience!!!! Thanks Daniel

Aegis Battery Nov 13, 2022

Nice theme, support was very responsive and fast at fixing several bugs in their theme code.

ProDicer Oct 07, 2022

I'm using the Providence for my own shop for some time now and I'm super happy with it. It's elegant, good structured and fast. Yes, there has been a few minor bugs but the support team always was willing to help and fix them all immediately. Also some addional features needed to fulfill local laws to run an online business in Germany has been implemented by the support team easily.

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Versie 6.0.2 May 8, 2023

Providence 6.0.2 is a wrap with updates to Predictive Search, implementation for Section Groups and Focal Points for images


  • Predictive search has been extended to include Query Suggestions to allow
  • Focal Points allow for sections using image_picker to support focal points in the image, drawing the "gravity" there as the most important part of the image
  • Section Groups are a way to group multiple sections together and simplify page editing by adding the groups instead of just individual sections

Versie 6.0.1 June 24, 2022

Product page now conveys included taxes for tax-inclusive prices and filtering has been improved on collection and search results pages


  • The product page now indicates that taxes are included in the price when the store is using tax-inclusive prices.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Enhanced filtering for collection and search results

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  • Compatibel met de nieuwste Shopify-functies

    De thema's in de Shopify Theme Store zijn altijd up-to-date en compatibel met de steeds omvangrijkere functiemogelijkheden van Shopify.

  • Getest op snelheid en goedgekeurd

    Elk thema in de Theme Store voldoet aan de prestatienormen van Shopify, waarmee een snellere shoppingervaring voor je klanten gewaarborgd is.

  • Onbeperkte gratis proefperiode

    Probeer het thema gratis uit met je eigen producten, merkkleuren en aanpassingen. Eenmalige betaling van $ 200 als je het thema in je onlinewinkel publiceert.

  • Gratis foto's met hoge resolutie

    Behalve voor demowinkels kun je gratis stockfoto's downloaden via Shopify Burst.

  • Gratis thema-updates

    Ontvang de laatste themafuncties en fixes uit de Theme Store. Je kunt je aankoop op elk moment opnieuw downloaden.

  • Niet-verlopende licentie voor één onlinewinkel

    Je betaling geeft je het recht om het thema voor één onlinewinkel te gebruiken, zo lang als je wilt.