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aTeLieR DeS eLeMeNTS Jan 12, 2021

We were very enthusiastic when we see the theme and the reviews, and decided based on the reviews to get the Responsive theme. Since we are a Company based in Dubai we wanted to serve our customers of course in their language. but we reach very quick the limitations of the theme because it its obviously not a uni code programming and the right to left switch doesn't work, we have to hire someone.

Réponse de Out of the Sandbox Jan 13, 2021

Hello, While the Responsive theme includes several translations, right-to-left text requires additional development to support because of the way that it is rendered in the browser. We have recorded a feature request for our development team to consider adding support for this in the future. Please let us know if you have any other questions about your theme, we'll be happy to help!

Lazyjack Press Jan 11, 2021

Absolutely love this theme - does everything I want :) also very much appreciate the great customer support!

NICHIRICH Dec 10, 2020

ANNOUUNCEMENT BAR Success!!!!! Very Very Gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!

Jeff Deegan Designs Nov 30, 2020

The tech service for this theme is very good. After updating I had a problem with the mobile page view and tech support was fast to respond and patient with my questions. They tested out my store, identified the problem and provided the latest update; porting all my newly updated content over. Support then explained in plain english what had caused the code conflict. Fixed, fast, friendly.

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