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savemybagecuador Jun 01, 2021

I know you guys do not accept refund, but at the same time I feel its your job to make your costumers happy. I purchase this theme by mistake and it was a terrible mistake. The product page product views are 0 friendly, they are huge and if you have a lot of images you can inly scroll down. Now I am obligated to use a theme I dont want to use.

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jun 22, 2021

Thank you for your feedback. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. There are, however, limits to what a theme can do. All themes come with a free trial period, this is so you can be sure the theme does everything you want before purchasing. We've tried to get in touch to help resolve your requests, please email back if you need more assistance.

Candy Hackers May 25, 2021

I'm absolutely loving this theme. Support is super-responsive, very friendly, helpful and fast. They also have a thorough help section on their site if you need answers in a pinch. Thank you guys, I'm so glad I found you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jun 09, 2021

Thank you so much! Our help site has just had a make-over as well so it should be even easier to find what you need (hopefully!) -

Urban Kettle Artisan Body LLC May 21, 2021

We thought the look and feel of the theme was great. but it's been nothing but problems.

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jun 09, 2021

Sorry we weren't able to assist with all of your enquiries. We try to cater for most needs with our settings, but there are limits as to what the settings can adjust. As theme providers, we typically can't help with making customisations specific to your store.

Laurissi May 20, 2021

Really amazing!! the theme, the quickness, the design and the customer support! Thank you bery much to Mitch! Is not easy to find teams so professional. I recommend it like most! Greetings from Spain!

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jun 09, 2021

Hola! Thank you so much for your review. Mitch is great and loves his support videos, glad he was able to help you.

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Kagami 佈景主題的 Baptiste 樣式
Kagami $180 USD

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Lorenza 佈景主題的 Modern 樣式
Lorenza $180 USD

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