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Informale Jul 01, 2021

Service is beyond amazing! Darren did a great job and was so helpful. I had so many questions and he answered all of them so quickly. The team is super responsive and happy to fix any issues or questions you may have. Definitely some of the best service I've ever received for my Shopify store!

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jul 08, 2021

Happy to help, thank you for choosing Showcase! :)

West Sac Bread Co. Jun 28, 2021

The support staff have been so helpful, I've had multiple questions around customization and they're very patient and informative. The theme is working great, thanks!

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jul 08, 2021

We're always happy to help, thanks for your comments! :)

Bellcher Jun 30, 2021

Por un momento me asusté, pensé que no podría sacarle el potencial que pensaba al tema, pero afortunadamente el equipo de soporte me ayudó muy rápido, en verdad que se nota su profesionalismo al interesarse por sus clientes y despejar las dudas de una manera efectiva y eficaz. Puedo decir que estoy muy satisfecho con mi compra y con el soporte que me han dado. RECOMENDADO!

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jul 08, 2021

¡Muchas gracias! :)

NOVO watch Jun 24, 2021

I love this theme. It’s great out of the box, has options to really make it your own and the team behind it offer great support. Highly recommend.

來自 Clean Canvas 的回覆 Jun 25, 2021

Thanks so much for your review! We have made it so out of the box it's as simple as possible to get up and running, glad you enjoy using our theme :)

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Highlight 佈景主題

Highlight 佈景主題的 Single 樣式
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Motion 佈景主題的 Elegant 樣式
Motion $180 USD

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