Ideal for stores with small- to medium-sized inventories, Solo is designed to let your store look great no matter what type of business you run. Features include a rearrangeable homepage, the ability to showcase a single product front and center, a responsive design and all our other standard features.

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We love it... it has everything we need at the moment. Clean and fast loading.

Cool Funky Retro
Icon emotion happy

Perfect fr a beginner like me!

Icon emotion happy

Clean, simple, elegant and ripe for customizing - Solo is a great choice for my little company.

secret lentil
Icon emotion happy

We really enjoyed this theme... it's perfect for our products.

Bark Gourmet Bake Shop
Icon emotion happy

Excellent theme, very simple and functional.

Elegant Looks
Icon emotion happy

Converts well!

☕ Buy Authentic Nuez de la India with Free Diet Guide
Icon emotion neutral

Good for starter, very neat and beautiful, but very limited to customize.

Below Minima
Icon emotion happy

Loved using this theme. It was easy to customize to exactly what I wanted. For a free theme it does wonders!

Cosplay Store
Icon emotion happy

This theme is simple, modern and elegant. And it's free. Great theme to get started with Shopify.


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