Todos os temas na loja de temas também incluem:

  • Seções de conteúdo personalizáveis na página inicial
  • Design compatível com dispositivos móveis
  • Otimização de mecanismos de pesquisa (SEO, na sigla em inglês)
  • Ícones de redes sociais
  • Suporte à navegação por menu suspenso
  • Estilos integrados e paleta de cores
  • Atualizações de temas gratuitas
  • Fotos gratuitas de banco de imagem por Burst

Lojas que usam Streamline

159 avaliações

94% positiva

  • 150 avaliações positivas
  • 5 avaliações neutras
  • 4 avaliações negativas
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Livomio® Há 13 dias

Just a VERY BAD theme for us! ...we are still wondering where all those positive reviews come from (tricked us into buying it) In short: - it killed conversions due to the mobile menu setup (on mobile it is on bottom, cannot be changed) - costed hundreds $ to find out that users do not understand setup, they get lost and bounce (a real consversion killer!) - support is the worst ever seen

Resposta de Archetype Themes Há 8 dias

👋— Hi Kai, Paul here CEO of Archetype Themes. Sorry to hear you're running into issues with your store setup. Most of our customers have had fantastic success with the mobile menu and we've been using it on our own store for 2yrs now with a high sales volume so I'm curious how your store is structured. We're happy to assist and take a closer look. UPDATE: No response, unable to investigate claims

Own the Clouds Jun 03, 2021

Great theme! I had to reach out to support to due a minor translation issue and they got back very fast. I received a solution right away and my problem was fixed immediately. Would definitely recommend!

orangeheat Jun 03, 2021

Love this theme! It looks great and functions smoothly. Customer support always ready to help. This theme is mobile friendly and has all the info customers are looking for right at their finger tips, or thumbs if we are talking mobile... A+++

everythingbutthedog Jun 02, 2021

Works brilliantly, support is first-rate. Highly recommended.

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