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Filaments 3D Québec - Filaments pour impression 3D PLA ABS PETG TPU Oct 26, 2019

Theme is beautiful. Tons of way to customize it. I tried this theme 2 times. 1 time last year and second time this month and after submiting everything to the search console of google, The ranking of my website stats are falling down in the Google search console. I'm very sad because this theme is probably the most practical for my needs.

來自 Rawsterne Web Design & Illustration 的回覆 Apr 30, 2021

First of all, thanks for your positive feedback on the theme's appearance. We're sorry to hear that you had some issues with SEO but that doesn't sound like a theme issue as the Sunrise theme uses the same SEO code as Shopify's own themes. Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have. Thanks!

Video Game Trader LLC Sep 25, 2019

Love the theme and the support. If I feel the need to change the look of my sight I will ONLY use one of their themes. Thanks!!

Jennifer Wiles Studio Aug 22, 2019

I love the theme and the support staff have been wonderful and quick to answer questions

Vaporever Australia Aug 13, 2019

We LOVE this theme! Have used it for years on another website and because we are so impressed by the functionality and excellent support we have used it again on our new one!! The theme is so flexible that we now have two websites that look completely different to each other. 10/10 for the theme and 10/10 to John Rawsterne for his service.

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Kingdom 佈景主題

Kingdom 佈景主題的 Prince 樣式
Kingdom $180 USD

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Reach 佈景主題

Reach 佈景主題的 Plush 樣式
Reach $180 USD

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Split 佈景主題

Split 佈景主題的 Jagger 樣式
Split $180 USD

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