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Hilo Grow Shop, LLC Sep 04, 2018

John is super helpful! Our customers love the straight forward easy to understand design of this theme.

Chew-Z Baby Aug 23, 2018

This theme was very expensive for my liking. I do not like that it does not feature Text with image. I also do not like that you cannot add a flashy top header for discounts, etc. with a color behind it to announce sales or events. There is too little features for $160 USD. I expected more than what I got with a Free Theme. I love how my webpage looks compared to many of the others.

來自 Rawsterne Web Design & Illustration 的回覆 Apr 30, 2021

Hi there, the theme is continually being updated and improved. New versions of the theme are available as a free upgrade. Please see this Shopify doc for more details on upgrading your theme... Thanks!

KiddyBunny Jul 15, 2018 is my store built with this theme. This is a perfect theme for my store dealing with kids toys. It is super easy to use and has got a ton of features that is extremely helpful.

Bitchin Retro Jun 20, 2018

Extremely happy with the theme, and support from the developer. Answers and help always inside of 24 hours, often sooner. Easy theme to navigate, and customize, and this is coming from a non-technical person. Looked at tons of themes, and they all started to blend together. This theme showcases my product beautifully, is fast to load, and John has been awesome. Check it out!

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佈景主題商店的所有佈景主題都符合 Shopify 效能標準,確保您的買家能享受更快速的購物體驗。


搭配自家產品、品牌色彩和專屬設定,免費試用佈景主題。將佈景主題發佈至商店後,僅需支付 $160 的單次買斷費用。


雖不包含示範商店,但您可從 Shopify Burst 取得免費圖庫相片。






Kingdom 佈景主題

Kingdom 佈景主題的 Prince 樣式
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Reach 佈景主題的 Plush 樣式
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