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choice jewelry solutions Mar 05, 2018

have been using this free theme for 3 months now and have been really pleased.for a free theme it has many features works well we have had many sales with 43 products including our own patient pending chainchum to stop your jewelry chains from tangling

OdiKala Feb 19, 2018

We are using this theme on our website, This theme is simple and beautiful, contains every features what we needed for our website.

Tick Tock Timber Ltd Dec 03, 2017

This theme has been very effective for our website Our customers have given very positive feedback on their user experience and have specifically expressed the clean cut lay out and functionality. I would recommend this theme to a brand that cares about its customers and their overall experience. This theme is brilliant for showcasing our hand crafted wooden watches!

Kitchen Sumo Sep 14, 2017

Version 2.4.1 theme.js has some error for checking the ajax_cart_method. Line: 1899 this.settings.ajax_cart_method : undefined this cause error for: ajaxifyShopify not defined Fix: var cart_method = '{{ settings.ajax_cart_method }}'; if ( cart_method != 'page') { Hope well for Supply theme Developer team.

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