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Elegancia Nov 21, 2020

Themes are good but developer is not interested in providing support if there is any issue, we are facing issue in integrating Facebook pixel as many pages are not able to capture the purchase events. We tried to reach out the developer many times either they are not willing to provide the support or asking to hire an expert!! Will not recommend at all :(

來自 We are Underground 的回覆 Nov 25, 2020

Sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied. Integrating tracking pixels is simple and works well with all themes, This wouldn't normally be an issue at all for support unless there are specific custom events that are required above the standard setup. We are here to help if you would like us to dig further into that.

On The Bit Tack and Apparel Nov 20, 2020

Just want to give a shout out to Underground Support for helping me with a solution to my colour swatch issue. They worked with me and were very responsive to my emails and questions. I couldn’t be happier :) onthebittack.com Tammy

Stones Throw Art Nov 18, 2020

We’ve just launched our new site using Testament and are super happy with the theme. It’s easy to customise and flexible enough to change quickly as we grow. I had a few questions through development and the support service was fast and very helpful. Thanks Tiffany!

Maruko Beauty Nov 17, 2020

This is the first website I have built, so I contacted support quite a few times for help and each time they have been able to fix everything for me. I get a lot of compliments on how our website looks which is partly from this theme (as well as our branding). I do need to work on my store speed and am not aware of more technical aspects as this is only my first website, but have been happy so far

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Vogue 佈景主題的 Elegant 樣式
Vogue $180 USD

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Venue 佈景主題

Venue 佈景主題的 Morning 樣式
Venue $180 USD

Safe As Milk 提供

Avatar 佈景主題

Avatar 佈景主題的 Royal 樣式
Avatar $180 USD

Skup 提供

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