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  • Anpassningsbara innehållsavsnitt på startsidan
  • Mobilvänlig design
  • Sökmotoroptimering
  • Ikoner för sociala medier
  • Rullgardinsmeny för navigeringssupport
  • Inbyggda stilar och färgpaletter
  • Gratis temauppdateringar
  • Gratis stockfoton av Burst

67 recensioner

46 % positiv

  • 31 positiva recensioner
  • 19 neutrala recensioner
  • 17 negativa recensioner
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Footverse Feb 13, 2019

Excellent theme Footverse.com

ZooVaa Dec 07, 2018

While this is a great theme and looks pretty good, the one major drawback it lacks is a collection page sub-navigation. Meaning, if your on a collection page for "Kitchen & Bath products", you cant show sub-collections (kitchen sinks, cabinets, appliances, etc) on these pages. You can certainly built out the navigation.....but Venture doesnt have built in capabilities to show sub-collections

Modern Roamer Nov 01, 2018

Was ready to spend $140 on another theme until I stumbled upon this... simple, bold and super efficient. If you need a good example, check out our store at modernroamer.com

WCOD.JP Jun 26, 2018

How to show checkout buttons in a cart drawer, popup, or sidebar?

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