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AllThingsKite Feb 12, 2021

I love the theme, it’s super easy to use and customize and it provided me with just what I needed to launch my store. You can check out the customized version - It is optimized for mobile!

The Indian Organics Dec 23, 2020

The desktop version while in the customization option and while browsing is looking like mobile! Please help!!!

MyPistachio Sep 04, 2020

Problem with scrolling items in the menu. The 11th element is almost invisible and cannot be scrolled down.

COPYCATZ Aug 07, 2020

This is a really great theme for large catalogue, checkout my customized version, specially in mobile ..

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Envy 佈景主題

Envy 佈景主題的 Oslo 樣式
Envy $180.00 USD

4 種樣式

Boundless 佈景主題

Boundless 佈景主題的 Black & white 樣式
Boundless 免費

2 種樣式

Debut 佈景主題

Debut 佈景主題的 Default 樣式
Debut 免費

2 種樣式

Narrative 佈景主題

Narrative 佈景主題的 Earthy 樣式
Narrative 免費

4 種樣式

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Minimal 佈景主題

Minimal 佈景主題的 Vintage 樣式
Minimal 免費

3 種樣式

Simple 佈景主題

Simple 佈景主題的 Light 樣式
Simple 免費

3 種樣式

Supply 佈景主題

Supply 佈景主題的 Blue 樣式
Supply 免費

2 種樣式

Brooklyn 佈景主題

Brooklyn 佈景主題的 Classic 樣式
Brooklyn 免費

2 種樣式

Streamline 佈景主題

Streamline 佈景主題的 Core 樣式
Streamline $180.00 USD

3 種樣式

Symmetry 佈景主題

Symmetry 佈景主題的 Duke 樣式
Symmetry $180.00 USD

4 種樣式

Showcase 佈景主題

Showcase 佈景主題的 Native 樣式
Showcase $180.00 USD

4 種樣式

Boost 佈景主題

Boost 佈景主題的 Inspire 樣式
Boost $180.00 USD

3 種樣式