Design e atendimento do tema por Maestrooo

Todos os temas na loja de temas também incluem:

  • Seções de conteúdo personalizáveis na página inicial
  • Design compatível com dispositivos móveis
  • Otimização de mecanismos de pesquisa (SEO, na sigla em inglês)
  • Ícones de redes sociais
  • Suporte à navegação por menu suspenso
  • Estilos integrados e paleta de cores
  • Atualizações de temas gratuitas
  • Fotos gratuitas de banco de imagem por Burst

Lojas que usam Warehouse

176 avaliações

86% positiva

  • 152 avaliações positivas
  • 7 avaliações neutras
  • 17 avaliações negativas
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AnimalMed-1 Há aproximadamente 17 horas

Hello guys :-) I just purchased this theme and I need to say that it is designed very well. Also the performance is very nice. What I don't understand, and this is in my eyes a negative point, is that the page sections are not available at default pages to show the content in a cool way. The content blocks are there, why not using them at the whole website? (btw: this is common in other themes)

Resposta de Maestrooo Há aproximadamente 7 horas

Hi ! This is not a theme issue but a platform technical limitation and therefore applies to every themes. As of today dynamic sections are restricted to home page only in Shopify. This is expected to change later this year though as Shopify is planning to release a new theme editor allowing this :).

買書書 | BuyBookBook Há 7 dias

it's indeed an upgrade to basic theme and the customer support has been satisfying. Há 12 dias

This is the best theme i ever saw. Dont go with any 3rd party theme if warehouse is available on shopify. Highly recommended theme. Há 13 dias

don't buy it it's super bad!!! They don't help you! and only lie and cheat. I have language problems, payment problems, adding items to my shopping cart etc. DO NOT BUY!!!

Resposta de Maestrooo Há 12 dias

Sorry to hear you've been having a bad experience. I have checked and we actually replied to your email but we did not hear back from you. The issue was that you changed the language to Dutch but forgot to translate the sentences (our theme is not pre-translated to Dutch). If you have further questions do not hesitate to reply to our message and we would be glad to further assist you.

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