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HALABH May 24, 2021

Well Well Well, We turned this Theme into the Amazon ;) Have a look : www.halabh.com We love this theme, did some custom jobs. This should be the best theme on Shopify. Love the performance. Worth it! We do Magic with this theme. Thanks Maestrooo ;)

Touchstone Media May 23, 2021

This theme has the worst support. The developer thinks he has got the best optimized theme that he is unwilling to even entertain the idea some adjustment maybe needed when the theme is under performing in terms of speed. So I will not recommend this theme because of the lack of support. I regret buying it.

來自 Maestrooo 的回覆 May 24, 2021

We’re sorry to hear about that. I confirm that our themes are extremely optimised out of the box. As said at support, the issue on your store are large number of apps and a large number of products featured on your home page (more than a hundred). No matter how optimised the theme is, actual performance is only dependant on how you use it (apps + home page config).

Airstream Life store May 18, 2021

Two thumbs up. We'd been using an old theme and the switch to Warehouse has been fantastic. The out of the box page design and product page layouts make even our mediocre product photos look great. Home page flex is superb. Support is fantastic; Maestroo answers your questions quickly. We used Enhancify for some customization and added an Out of Stock app. Otherwise, stellar theme!

Umipharma May 14, 2021

The theme is great, lots of nice features and editables. But, the collection section seemed not to be optimized for latest iphone generations. There is an UI problem in that section, the rest of it works just fine.

來自 Maestrooo 的回覆 May 19, 2021

Thanks for your review! Our themes are definitely optimized for mobiles, especially iPhone. The issue you are referring to is unfortunately unrelated to us but from a bug of iOS14.5 (latest version). As soon as I discovered it I contacted Apple engineers who recognized the issue on their end. The issue will be fixed on iOS 14.6 (next version). Feel free to reach us at support for more info!

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搭配自家產品、品牌色彩和專屬設定,免費試用佈景主題。將佈景主題發佈至商店後,僅需支付 $180 的單次買斷費用。


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California 佈景主題的 Cartomaps 樣式
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Small Victories 提供

Supply 佈景主題

Supply 佈景主題的 Blue 樣式
Supply 免費

Shopify 提供

Loft 佈景主題

Loft 佈景主題的 Kansas City 樣式
預覽行動版「Kansas City」樣式的「Warehouse」
Loft $160 USD

Trailblaze Media 提供

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