Large catalogs

Explore themes that make it easy for customers to find the right product. Features to look for: enhanced search and filtering, mega menus, breadcrumbs, and collection page navigation

Themes in the "Large catalogs" collection

Empire theme

Empire $300 USD

3 styles

Canopy theme

Canopy $250 USD

4 styles

Pipeline theme

Pipeline $280 USD

3 styles

Boost theme

Boost $250 USD

3 styles

Avenue theme

Avenue $250 USD

3 styles

Warehouse theme

Warehouse $250 USD

3 styles

Broadcast theme

Broadcast $280 USD

3 styles

Focal theme

Focal $280 USD

3 styles

Symmetry theme

Symmetry $250 USD

4 styles

Expanse theme

Expanse $310 USD

3 styles

Capital theme

Capital $350 USD

3 styles

Fresh theme

Fresh $350 USD

3 styles

Supply theme

The Blue style of the Supply theme
Supply Free

2 styles