Small catalogs

Explore themes that allow you to showcase your products without the clutter of unnecessary features.

Themes in the "Small catalogs" collection

Highlight theme

Highlight $250 USD

3 styles

Alchemy theme

Alchemy $240 USD

4 styles

Express theme

The Bistro style of the Express theme

2 styles

Expression theme

Expression $240 USD

4 styles

Showcase theme

Showcase $250 USD

4 styles

Editions theme

Editions $150 USD

3 styles

Foodie theme

Foodie $250 USD

3 styles

Masonry theme

Masonry $190 USD

4 styles

Minimal theme

The Modern style of the Minimal theme

3 styles

Flow theme

Flow $350 USD

3 styles

Spark theme

Spark $250 USD

3 styles