Ecommerce Templates Designed for the Health and Beauty Industry

Choose from a wide selection of health and beauty web templates to build the perfect image for your online store. With both free and premium themes available, Shopify caters to every budget. Benefit from a variety of features including dynamic product displays, newsletter integration, flexible dropdown menus and mobile compatibility. Our code makes it easy for you to customize your theme any way you like.

Andaman theme

The Default style of the Andaman theme
Andaman $290 USD

1 style

Shapes theme

The Muted style of the Shapes theme
Shapes $300 USD

3 styles

Mojave theme

The Inner style of the Mojave theme
Mojave $320 USD

2 styles

North theme

The Default style of the North theme
North $200 USD

3 styles

Tailor theme

The Cotton style of the Tailor theme
Tailor $310 USD

2 styles

Bullet theme

The Default style of the Bullet theme
Bullet $260 USD

3 styles

Sense theme

The Default style of the Sense theme
Sense Free

1 style

Drop theme

The Countdown style of the Drop theme
Drop $280 USD

3 styles

Dawn theme

The Default style of the Dawn theme
Dawn Free

1 style

Beyond theme

The Organic style of the Beyond theme
Beyond $250 USD

3 styles

Foodie theme

The Slice style of the Foodie theme
Foodie $250 USD

3 styles

Spark theme

The Clean style of the Spark theme
Spark $300 USD

3 styles

Avatar theme

The Royal style of the Avatar theme
Avatar $220 USD

2 styles

Highlight theme

The Modern style of the Highlight theme
Highlight $250 USD

3 styles

Expanse theme

The Modern style of the Expanse theme
Expanse $320 USD

3 styles

Streamline theme

The Core style of the Streamline theme
Streamline $320 USD

3 styles

Broadcast theme

The Bold style of the Broadcast theme
Broadcast $280 USD

3 styles

Impulse theme

The Modern style of the Impulse theme
Impulse $320 USD

3 styles

Prestige theme

The Vogue style of the Prestige theme
Prestige $300 USD

3 styles

Modular theme

The Chelsea style of the Modular theme
Modular $250 USD

3 styles

Motion theme

The Classic style of the Motion theme
Motion $320 USD

3 styles

Loft theme

The Nashville style of the Loft theme
Loft $280 USD

3 styles

Venue theme

The Twilight style of the Venue theme
Venue $280 USD

4 styles

Editorial theme

The Amour style of the Editorial theme
Editorial $220 USD

3 styles

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