Save Money with Mobile-friendly Ecommerce Website Templates

Thought you needed to redesign your website for every device and screen resolution? Think again. Shopify offers a great selection of responsive themes that are optimized for every possible layout and screen resolution. Whether your customers view your site from a tablet, smartphone desktop or laptop, your website displays perfectly – exactly as it should.

Minimal theme

The Vintage style of the Minimal theme

3 styles

Expression theme

The Innovate style of the Expression theme
Expression $240 USD

4 styles

Mobilia theme

The Napa style of the Mobilia theme
Mobilia $180 USD

4 styles

Vantage theme

The Mono style of the Vantage theme
Vantage $240 USD

4 styles

Sunrise theme

The Spring style of the Sunrise theme
Sunrise $240 USD

4 styles

Mr Parker theme

The Wardrobe style of the Mr Parker theme
Mr Parker $240 USD

4 styles

Symmetry theme

The Beatnik style of the Symmetry theme
Symmetry $300 USD

4 styles

Simple theme

The Light style of the Simple theme

3 styles

Providence theme

The Seaside style of the Providence theme
Providence $200 USD

3 styles

Envy theme

The Stockholm style of the Envy theme
Envy $350 USD

4 styles

Retina theme

The Austin style of the Retina theme
Retina $210 USD

4 styles

Fashionopolism theme

The Empire style of the Fashionopolism theme

4 styles

Blockshop theme

The Deli style of the Blockshop theme
Blockshop $250 USD

4 styles

Startup theme

The Tech style of the Startup theme
Startup $220 USD

4 styles

Showcase theme

The Native style of the Showcase theme
Showcase $300 USD

5 styles

Supply theme

The Blue style of the Supply theme

2 styles

Icon theme

The Dolce style of the Icon theme
Icon $240 USD

4 styles

ShowTime theme

The CookTime style of the ShowTime theme
ShowTime $180 USD

3 styles

Parallax theme

The Aspen style of the Parallax theme
Parallax $220 USD

4 styles

Pacific theme

The Cool style of the Pacific theme
Pacific $220 USD

4 styles

Masonry theme

The Chameleon style of the Masonry theme
Masonry $240 USD

4 styles

Kingdom theme

The King style of the Kingdom theme
Kingdom $250 USD

3 styles

District theme

The District style of the District theme
District $220 USD

3 styles

Editions theme

The Light style of the Editions theme
Editions $150 USD

3 styles

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