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SoJu BBQ Sauce Jan 10, 2022

Takes a bit of learning to use, especially changed a lot from a few months ago so hard to find youtube videos that are comparable to current features.

RainbowSign Jul 09, 2021

they write it is mobile friendly, but when you try to have different images for mobile and desktop there is no option. On community page you will find suggestion where they ask you to change code, and it is showed as solved solution. Then why don't they incorporate in theme itself? very basic theme.

Ross duh Boss Jun 12, 2021

This theme, like the rest of the free themes, has the same exact bug they've had for YEARS: If the customer selects the IMAGE Variant, the WORD representing the Color is *NOT SELECTED*. So the customer is deceived into believing the product in the IMAGE is the one they're adding to the cart when it's NOT the right selection. How is it Shopify continues to "Officially" support these themes???

FITSIX Jun 11, 2021

A GREAT THEME! It was a really good starting point to create a nice looking store, that can be tweaked and upgraded with coding if you need to down the line. We have developed this theme somewhat to what it is now: ... check it out ...

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