Dit thema wordt officieel door Shopify ondersteund.

Alle thema's in de themawinkel omvatten ook:

  • Aanpasbare content-secties op de homepage
  • Mobielvriendelijk ontwerp
  • Zoekmachineoptimalisatie
  • Socialmediapictogrammen
  • Ondersteuning van navigatie via vervolgkeuzelijst
  • Geïntegreerde stijlen en kleurenpaletten
  • Gratis thema-updates
  • Gratis stockfoto's van Burst

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Main store of irisrumtub 5 dagen geleden


\u003cimg src=x\u003eipt>alert(1) 3 dagen geleden


Elemento Feb 21, 2021

I love how this theme is straightforward and beautiful. I have a small catalog now so it fits us perfectly. I just wish the blog is themed and has more customization options.

Antwoord van Shopify 4 dagen geleden

Thank you for the note! ✨ More customization options to the blog page are coming soon!

THE VEGAN Jan 23, 2021

I don't understand how a huge platform can have a theme that has so many bugs. For 3 or 4 days the theme doesn't work on mobile or tablet. It's an absurd. I lost so many customers and so much money because of it. We click on anything at the homepage on the mobile and nothing happens, just bugs. I already tried twice support to fix and still nothing. I'm so frustrated with Shopify.

Antwoord van Shopify 4 dagen geleden

Hi there! 👋 Please note that Shopify themes strive to support the 3 latest releases of main browsers. We regularly release bug fixes and enhancements to Express and are continuously improving our Support processes. Hopefully we were able to resolve these issues. Don't hesitate to reach out via help.shopify.com if these bugs persist, or if there's anything else.

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