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57 % positief

  • 28 positieve recensies
  • 4 neutrale recensies
  • 17 negatieve recensies
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Body Meal, Inc. 4 dagen geleden

What an awful theme. You can only use the custom section on the homepage! Awful usability. You can not add the custom sections to the About or Contact pages or any other custom pages. You only get to have the nice blocks on your homepage. Absolutely asinine. Do yourself a favor and find a better them before you go crazy trying to follow page.details instructions for making this theme better...

Azerty & Co Dec 10, 2020

Video not works in responsive :'(

ONE-NO Dec 06, 2020

You never know how your pictures will look, as the theme will scaled up/ down or badly cropped them, especially in mobileview. I would like to be given height and width in pixels, and then know how the picture than will look both on desktop and mobileview.

TealTeacup Shop Nov 17, 2020

THIS IS SO BROKEN!! I spent HOURS setting up this theme on my site just to have to revert immediately after seeing that the scroll is terribly broken on a phone. it was a stressful experience and I do not recommend testing out this theme!

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