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everything kitchen Jul 01, 2021

It's a fantastic theme, and really easy to use for our small business! The team at Mile High Themes, in particular, Alex, has been very helpful throughout the entire process of developing the website and attending to our requests. Would we recommend this theme to anyone who wants an easy-to-use theme for their store :)

CADIFLY Jun 05, 2021

Al principio estaba algo decepcionado por no tener el idioma Español pero después de contactar con ellos me han ayudado en la traducción y la atención es muy buena han estado ahí para ayudarme en todo momento. Gracias

Crockery Wala And Company Ltd May 14, 2021

Everytime they get an update we have to fully design the website again. it very difficult to redesign everytime for a new update. secondly this is not meant for big catalogue like ours 900 products approx as the website becomes too slow.

來自 Mile High Themes 的回覆 May 20, 2021

We apologize for any inconvenience, but these issues are completely outside our control. The theme update process is the same for all themes and is controlled by Shopify. As for performance, there are many factors involved. Primarily, this store is using many third-party apps which drastically affect performance. We have reached out to the merchant to try and help but have received no replies.

Princess Tara Apr 21, 2021

I am still settling up my store and I can't wait to publish it! This theme is fantastic! It looks beautiful and is easy to customize. It's meeting all my needs and is simply perfect for my baby boutique. It has a lot of wonderful features and I love the neat and stylish look! Support so far is great! They have responded to all my questions quickly with clear instructions. Highly recommend!👍🏻

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