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u|DECOR 1 天 前

After few months of adding products to my shop, I have started to customise the Split theme; and it makes me surprising every day. I discovered many more functionalities that I didn't know when I decided for choosing it. I will put my store on the next level. Also, the customer support is fast, accurate. I'm happy about choosing it.

EventBoxx 3 天 前

The support is basically inexistent. There are heaps of problems with google and we need to change the theme now. At the end it's dumped money.

來自 Krown Themes 的回覆 3 天 前

We've replied to all of your tickets from the last 12 months, assisted in your questions, but since a lot of your queries were about things not related to the theme, we directed you to third party support. The last one about the speed of the checkout page is, as we wrote, part of Shopify. Not sure what "problems with google" means, but would be happy to chat with you about any issues, if you wish.

Coastal Gifts Inc 12 天 前

I am very disappointed in the customer support. I am having issues with the product page reviews section is not showing my reviews but showing the Write A Review form which should only show if there are no reviews or if you click the Write A Review button in the left block. I have not found any example sites or live sites using this block as you have to use Shopify Reviews for it to work.

來自 Krown Themes 的回覆 10 天 前

Hello. Your issue was caused by the fact that you've misconfigured the reviews app from start, as we wrote to you in a few emails. The integration with Shopify Reviews is working flawlessly, as you can see in our online demo and countless merchant stores. If you follow our guidance that we've already sent and don't mess with the app's settings , you will surely have the reviews working.

Birling Jul 07, 2021

We absolutely love the Split theme and the team over at Krown! The theme is beautiful and extremely fast. Their support team could not be better! We are extremely happy and highly recommend!

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