Tutti i temi nel Theme Store includono anche:

  • Sezioni di contenuto personalizzabili in home page
  • Design mobile-friendly
  • Ottimizzazione per i motori di ricerca (SEO)
  • Icone dei social media
  • Navigazione con menu a più livelli supportata
  • Color palette e stili integrati
  • Aggiornamenti del tema gratuiti
  • Foto gratuite da Burst

Negozi che utilizzano Streamline

160 recensioni

94% positivo

  • 151 recensioni positive
  • 5 recensioni neutrali
  • 4 recensioni negative
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My Little Cozmo Apr 23, 2021

great theme and excellent service, I've contacted the support several times and they are super friendly, they answer all kinds of questions and comes up with solutions....very helpful!

MOONA Underwear Apr 23, 2021

I use Streamline and this theme is simply amazing! Same about customer service, they help me a lot! Thanks guys!

Pastel Apr 22, 2021

Super happy with this theme and the support I’ve received. Very thoughtful design!

Milktea Princess Apr 20, 2021

After I wrote a negative review, they finally helped me solve the problem. I hope they could improve the service and provide support in the first place, but not after a bad review.

Risposta di Archetype Themes Apr 20, 2021

👋 Hi Liang — An app you installed recently removed critical theme files causing your issue. For this reason, we always recommend creating a duplicate of your theme before adding any apps. We're not always able to help in situations like this because we don't have any way to determine what changes apps make (and there are 2,500+ apps on the App Store)

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