Ideal for stores with large inventories, Supply is designed to make it quick & easy to browse through all the categories and products your store has to offer. Features include prominent navigation, multiple homepage collections, sidebar filtering, and easy integration with the Product Reviews app.

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I love it, simple and easy and just enough of what I needed. WOULD LOVE to have SUB-MENU supported but it doesn't so you have to find a work around, but that's hardly what I would call a DEAL breaker for me :D

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I like this theme. It is simple yet powerfull and has most of the elements we are looking for even though it is free.

Tasty Habits
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Well thought out navigation and filter options for customers searching among several small variations of similar products. Clean interface! Easily compatible with many ad-ons in the Shopfiy app store. We love selling our phone cases with this theme.

Affordable luxury classy phone cases | Classy Case
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A very beautiful and easy to use theme which works well for desktop, tablets and mobile.
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Its really nice one and hope to be the key for good biusness

luxary bed rooms
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As a new start up, this theme has really made my store look amazing. We're still building, but everyone that I let see the progress, loves the look....Initially, when looking thru themes, Supply stuck out to me, i picked it, no regrets!!! Simple as well, which is what i was going for.

Karizma-Shoes and Apparel
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This will allow me to be seen as a business that cares about quality

Best Offer Bazaar
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This theme is amazing. I'm lucky that it's free, since it's the best theme of the bunch in my opinion for the look and feel I was going for.
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Easy theme to work with. Simple to add modified features such as left column navigation.

Sunglasses Bodega
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Lack of enough customization. Specially the way product prices are displayed.

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Needs more customization. Otherwise good theme.

W&W Bookstore
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The theme has a great UI, intuitive design and is versatile enough to make changes for my needs. I've gone through 3 or 4 designs and this is by far the best one I've used. Plus, Shopify support is really helpful when things come up.

Time Machine Plus
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My mistake navigating the demo there's sidebar [sort by] will create drop down menu, this theme will create beautiful ecommerce store, I do apologise.

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This is the best theme I have come across. Thanks a lot to the creator and shopify. we am a start up and all excited to launch our store. Thanks to the supply theme. A must use

Furnish Mantra
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So far this is the best theme I have found for my large inventory. The only feature I wish it had was the ability to upload an image for the backdrop instead of choosing from a pallet of colors.

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I have purchased and installed the most expensive theme and popular there is, to have every feature possible, yet my sales decreased to a dead zero. This theme has everything you need and beyond, don't buy any theme, everything can be done with this one.

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I have tried several themes and by far, this one is the best I ever implemented for my shop. Fully responsive, simple, well-thought, beautiful & nice cart functionality. Since I installed this theme, my statistics have improved. I am delighted by this theme, thanks a lot to the Author! My Little Desire

My Little Desire
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This is just what I needed. As a startup I was looking at free themes and was blown away by the simplicity and beauty of this theme. I needed customers to be able to select different variables without clicking from one page to another and this does it effortlessly. I had to spend some time adding new tags but by using the Bulk Action, Add Tag commands, this was easy and very satisfying. Brilliant!

Penwarden Music
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WOW! Exactly what I was looking for! Our company has a very large inventory of items and none of the other themes (even the paid ones) really accommodated for my situation. I spent hours trying to modify other themes to fit our company, but nothing really worked. This theme is perfect for us, so glad it's been released, and FREE! Looks like we'll be moving over from Magento after all :)


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