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Lighthouse Medical Supplies Ltd., Bermuda Dec 17, 2016

The upgraded theme has decreased functionality. Now cannot use HTML in text fields in footer and header. Also override product review star color does not work. No longer able to display social media icons in footer. Needs better separated color customization options.

Theblankflank Sep 26, 2016

I love it, simple and easy and just enough of what I needed. WOULD LOVE to have SUB-MENU supported but it doesn't so you have to find a work around, but that's hardly what I would call a DEAL breaker for me :D

Tasty Habits Apr 26, 2016

I like this theme. It is simple yet powerfull and has most of the elements we are looking for even though it is free.

Affordable luxury classy phone cases | Classy Case Apr 08, 2016

Well thought out navigation and filter options for customers searching among several small variations of similar products. Clean interface! Easily compatible with many ad-ons in the Shopfiy app store. We love selling our phone cases with this theme.

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