Venture is a bold, modern theme targeted for high volume stores. Features include a design that looks great on any device, a homepage slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, a promotional bar, a clean typography-driven look and numerous color and font customizations.

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Icon emotion sad

Give us an option for mobile. That menu in your face is such a downer :(

The Pop Hunters!
Icon emotion neutral

I like the blog lay out but am having to uninstall it as a lot of the buttons work only intermittently and as previous reviewers have said its not looking good on mobiles

The Ananda Tree
Icon emotion happy

Great product, they can improve in the customization, but overall is a good theme, visually and for the customer. We are really happy with it.

O de Orgánico
Icon emotion sad

in real not working like demo

Icon emotion happy

So far so good with this theme. I have to do a few tweaks to the code (haven't done yet). Overall, my customers think it is very clean. I think it's a good theme with about 20 products. Over that it may not be for you. There are no options for related items or those little perks like that. For free, not bad.
Icon emotion neutral

the major limiting factor with it is the product page. I don’t like the way the text is all jammed on the right hand side, can you not spread it over the whole page? Also, only 3 photos visible, then you must push the down arrow that you can barely see, to view other images. Also, when you expand these images you cannot toggle through them.

Sterling Power Products
Icon emotion happy

I days of trying and customizing Supply, Launchpad-Star and Classic, I finally returned to the one I started with, Venture. It is true that the mobile version has some problems to start with, but within an hour I fixed it. This is by far the easiest to change, code-wise. Good job and thanks!

Collette's Home Décor
Icon emotion neutral

I really like this theme design above so many others that I have checked but am disappointed that there is no option to add "related products" to the product page. Has anyone manage to do so?

Game on Dogs
Icon emotion happy

I like it because it simply the marketing viewer appea,l for what they like and wanted to do at the proper emotional time. It inspires the buyer.

Uncle,s house
Icon emotion sad

I like this theme the most but it doesn't have some features like "recommended products" and "customers review" i found a way to input the customers review but not the recommended products.

TaukaPaddle Sports
Icon emotion sad

I love this theme but had to uninstall it because of the mobile version

The Pilot's Club
Icon emotion sad

The desktop version is really good. However the mobile version is absolute crap. The website on a mobile phone looks extremely horrible.
Icon emotion neutral

Really like the design on this theme, though I believe a few more enhancements would make it stand out, like icons on the header and a better mobile view

Instant Print NI Ltd
Icon emotion sad

Really need to fix the Mobile feature. It sucks its not very appealing, its not as it shows on demo. Thanks.

Icon emotion happy

Really love the look of this theme. So easy to customize and makes all my products at www.quiltkitshop look great. It is really easy to add the extras you want. The layout looks nice and it is easy to navigate. Did not take long at all to get it up and running the way I like it.

Quilt Kits - Quilt Kit Shop
Icon emotion sad

the mobile version is lacking completely. I feel as if the fact it shows no products and errors in drop down menus is the reason I had to change from this. Wish they would let me use those features and not decide for me.

Military Grade Apparel
Icon emotion happy

Great theme with a lot of customization features and free! Look clean and professional

Shar Beauty
Icon emotion neutral

Love the look and layout but wish it had a shipping calculator on the checkout page that doesn't require a full checkout to check rates. Also video support for products in the Alt image tag like most themes now. Also a built in currency converter would be great. I know you can pay for all that with apps but it's pretty basic stuff and would rather pay for it at the theme level.

Strobepro Studio Lighting
Icon emotion happy

Great theme. Would pay for a premium version if it included: - ability to add custom items in menu dropdown. - quick view for product hover, rather than just "view".

Mayday Games

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