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  • Anpassningsbara innehållsavsnitt på startsidan
  • Mobilvänlig design
  • Sökmotoroptimering
  • Ikoner för sociala medier
  • Rullgardinsmeny för navigeringssupport
  • Inbyggda stilar och färgpaletter
  • Gratis temauppdateringar
  • Gratis stockfoton av Burst

67 recensioner

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  • 31 positiva recensioner
  • 19 neutrala recensioner
  • 17 negativa recensioner
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IndianAquarium Feb 05, 2020

Absolutely great Free Theme, easy to set, you cannot do much on customization, all the components present on the home page layout are not applicable to the rest of the pages, it could have been great if it haded for all the pages. Basically, it's pretty much what you see is what you get. This is my site www.indianaquarium.com.

AquaDiscusIndia Feb 05, 2020

Absolutely great Theme, easy to set, you cannot do much on customization, Basically, it's pretty much what you see is what you get. good for beginners.

Alternative Fashion Boutique Jan 07, 2020

Can't figure out how they got that full-width banner. I had to edit code to get logo centered. It's ok

Young Broke & Messy Jan 03, 2020

Its pretty easy and simply to set up. Upsides is that it's good for beginners and quickly setting up a neat and clean shop. Downside- there's a lack of customization, its pretty much what you see is what you get. If you want an exmaple of how I set up mine check out YoungBrokeMessy.com

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